New Locks and Rey-Key System From Dubai

New Locks and Rey-Key Dubai

At New Locks and Rey-Key Dubai, we believe that our customers deserve nothing but the best, which is why we only offer the latest in high quality security systems available on the market today. When it comes to security, there’s no room for compromise; every door in your home must be locked securely and every lock must be in proper working order to ensure the protection of your family and possessions inside your home or office space.

The Problem

Too many people are trying to get into your home these days. It’s not just burglars, it’s also service providers like postmen, deliveries, repairmen and more. Unfortunately, traditional locks on the market don’t provide enough protection for you or your family. With the service new Locks and Rey-Key Dubai, no one can enter your home without permission. No one can accidentally bump their way into your house when you’re not expecting them.

Our solution

The New Locks and Rey-Key Dubai provide you with a top of the line lock that is durable, secure, and easy to use. The New Locks are designed with an innovative keyless locking mechanism which can be opened with just one hand. They are also certified as Grade 1 by ANSI/BHMA standards, meaning they will withstand over 3,000 pounds of pressure. The New Locks come complete with a 5 year warranty on all parts and labor.

The best part about it?

New Locks Rey-Key Dubai is a new, innovative system designed to combine convenience with uncompromising security. With a New Locks and Rey-Key System, you can be certain that your home is safe while still feeling like it’s your own. It’s perfect for busy professionals who need to provide access to their homes on short notice. You’ll never have to worry about losing or forgetting your keys again!

We come to you

We offer a high level of service to our clients by providing an out of direct home visit for installation. This ensures your home or office is secure as soon as possible. Locksmiths can be dispatched at any time, day or night, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not we’ll make it on time. We are available 24/7, 365 days a year so you never have to take a day off work just because you’ve forgotten your keys again.

Some facts about our product

The Rey-key door lock is an innovation that combines a small lock cylinder installed on the inside of a door with a large deadbolt on the outside. The key to open this lock is shaped like an L, meaning that it can only be inserted one way. Not only does this system offer greater protection against intruders than most other systems, but it also provides an easier way to enter or exit your home or business without needing to search for your keys.

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