Auto Keys , FOBs and Remotes

Losing Your Car Keys?

Here’s What to Do

It’s amazing how many people lose their Auto-Keys FOBs Remotes in Dubai every day. It’s even more amazing how many people aren’t sure what to do after they lose them! For those of you who have lost your keys, remotes or FOBS in the past, Dubai Locksmith services will provide you with helpful tips and information on how to manage the situation and prevent it from happening again in the future.

Don’t Panic

If you can’t find your car keys or any other part of your Auto Keys, Remotes & FOBS set it is always good practice to retrace your steps. This will help you create a timeline and narrow down the possible places that you may have lost them. It might even lead you right back to your vehicle! If the keys or key fob just disappeared out of thin air don’t panic just call a locksmith and they will help unlock the doors for you.

Check for Spare Keys

If you lost your keys in the driveway or in the car you can check for a spare key by checking under cushions of furniture, car seats and even behind picture frames. If you don’t find one there, then start your search inside the house – these are easy places for somebody to leave a spare key.
Check for Remotes & FOBS: A remote and FOBS is almost like a spare key!

Call a Locksmith

Don’t worry if you’ve lost your auto keys, remotes and FOBS. Call a locksmith who will either help you get back into your car or create new ones for you. A locksmith can also make copies of your auto key if it has a built-in transponder in it. They are expensive but they’ll be able to duplicate the key and program the remote at the same time.
Keys with transponders work with chip-and-pin devices that are part of some cars’ on-board computers, which won’t let them start without one of those programmed transponders inside the vehicle.

Call the dealer

If you’re looking for a new auto key or remote for your car, call the dealer. They’ll be able to get you the part you need and have it sent directly to your home or office. If you don’t know who your dealer is, call the manufacturer of your car (usually printed on the door frame) and they should be able to help.
Alternatively, find out if there is a locksmith in your area that deals specifically with auto keys and remotes.

Keep a backup

When you lose your Auto-Keys FOBs Remotes in dubai it can be an expensive and time-consuming process to replace them. It’s best not to get caught in this situation. Keep a backup set of everything in case you lose one. You can even store the backup set at a friend or family member’s house for easy access when needed.