Cabinet Lock

Keep Your valuables Safe with a Cabinet Lock in Dubai

Cabinet locks are perfect if you want to keep your valuables safe without having to throw away the actual cabinet that they are in. Cabinet locks in Dubai can be installed on pretty much any kind of furniture. So that you have and can even be used to create extra storage space. Where previously there was none! If you want to lock up your cupboards but not replace them with something else. Then, cabinet locks are the way to go! There are many different types of cabinet locks available for purchase in Dubai. So you’re bound to find something that suits your needs perfectly!

Types of Cabinet Lock in Dubai

Cabinet locks are an important deterrent for burglars. Here are some types of cabinet locks you can use to protect your home, office, or store.
    • Deadbolt: A deadbolt is the most common type of lock found on cabinet doors. The key is turned from the outside, and then rotated 180 degrees before it’s pushed into the lock slot to open the door.
    • Push-button: Push-button locks are usually made of plastic and come standard on some types of cabinets. They can be locked or unlocked by using buttons that stick out from one side of a door.
    • Padlock: A padlock is simply a type of lock that uses a metal chain to secure one object to another. You can use one to lock drawers or cabinet doors. Padlocks are good for protecting small items, but aren’t as secure as other types of locks.

Why you need a cabinet lock?

Theft is a common concern for individuals living in high crime areas. In order to prevent burglars from breaking into your house and stealing any of your belongings, it’s best to invest in an anti-theft device that will keep them out of your home. One such device is the cabinet lock. This type of lock is installed on the inside of a cabinet door so that it can’t be opened from outside of the room.

It also prevents thieves from cutting through the door or taking off its hinges. The cabinet locks are secured using screws, which makes them difficult to remove without a screwdriver. Another great thing about this product is that it can be rekeyed if needed, which ensures only authorized people are able to access your belongings.

How to choose the right cabinet lock

When choosing the right cabinet lock, it’s important to take into account the type of door you have. There are three types of doors: hinged, sliding and folding. The type of door you have will determine what kind of lock you should install.

  • Hinged doors, use a magnetic cabinet lock which is designed to be installed on the inside of the cupboard door and can be opened by using an external magnet or key.
  • Sliding doors, you have two options: you can use both locks – one on each side of the door – or one lock and a latch. A latch is easier to install and remove, while using both locks is better if you have very valuable items inside as it makes your cupboard more difficult to open.
  • Hinges doors, they should be positioned at around 8-10cm apart for ease of installation; but this will depend on how high up you want your locking mechanism to sit.