Our team of lock Technicians is known for working on locks and is responsible for installations of different locks on the doors and repair and service of locks whenever required.

Lock Technician should have knowledge of different types of lock installations. The team’s working plans are flexible in terms of adapting their style of work to different types of locks design. We have good mathematical skills and have accuracy in measurement along with having good hand-eye coordination.

Our Team individuals’ attributes

  • Identify the type of lock as per the design and functioning of the door/window
  • Place the lock marker if provided in the lock set on the designated location
  • Choose appropriate drill blades, depending on the thickness of the door
  • Drill appropriate holes on the door using the drill machine
  • Place the front portion of the lock with the logo upward, in the front part of the door.
  • Place the lock retainer plate on the other side of the door
  • Secure the lock retainer on the other portion of the door with lock fixing screws with screwdriver
  • Identify the length of the flat strip and screw to be cut as per the thickness of the door
  • Place the latch assembly on the door frame as per the alignment of lock on the door
  • Mark the area latch assembly unit using a marker
  • Make chippings on the door using a chisel to ensure the latch fits in the door
  • Secure the latch with screws
  • Ensure lock body is aligned in accordance with door latch
  • Make necessary adjustments if the lock and the latch is not aligned
  • Check functioning of lock by using the kClean the work area to prevent mishaps
  • Use appropriate materials to clean the tools and equipment

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