Looking for access card copy near me! We can clone it in case of loss or damage with help of access control system, several RFID chips and copier securely. We work on all types of cards like

  • Low Frequency Cards
  • High frequency Cards
  • Ultra high Frequency cards

Due to the low cost of barcodes, automation identification (auto-ID) systems have been applied to various aspects of daily life. In solving the problem of insufficient storage in barcodes, one of the better solutions is the IC chip, such as a memory card or a smart card, to store and identify information. These kinds of IC cards must utilize a contact to a power supply and must transmit data by way of a reader. Drawbacks include more operational time and wear at the point of contact. The contactless IC card technique transmits data between card and reader through radio waves. The power also can be converted from a radio wave or built-in batteries in cards. Because of the transport of power and information through radio waves, contactless auto-IDs are called radio frequency identification (RFID) systems.


The application of RFID is similar to the application of barcodes. Barcodes get information encoded and pasted on an object, use specific scanners with an infrared ray or laser beam to detect the information encoded, and then transmit these signals from scanner to computer. An RFID system employs a specific reader use radio frequency to transmit information to multiple readings from or to the tag.


  • reduce queues at the front desk
  • decrease repeatable tasks
  • increase interaction with patrons
  • extend internal security
  • lower the cost of manipulating and managing collections
  • procure collections, checking and accepting automation
  • raise the efficiency of inventory and arrangement
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